Get in line, Santa

I think it's safe to say that most parents would agree that talking about Santa, and whether or not he truly exists, should be a pretty big conversation. It's just one of those things that all parents will have to face at some point. 

That moment happened for us this week. 

And it should've been a big deal, but it fell third in line behind: No one loves me and Really, really bad things have happened to me (sorry, being vague on purpose.)

Tough conversations like this become the norm when you're a foster parent. I've caught myself going through the motions and snapping out of it just long enough to say: This is hard. This shouldn't be normal. This doesn't feel right. 

From the second LL was placed with us, we entered the crazy world of "We can do hard things."

And because of Jesus, we can do hard things. 

LL's quotes:
- "I'd make everyone homeless if I was in charge. It isn't fair that we keep cutting down trees to make houses and buildings. Where are all the animals supposed to live if we cut down their homes?" She has such a sweet heart. 
- I'm learning that parents have to be quick on their feet...yesterday, LL saw a sign that said, "WTF Martial Arts." She asked me what that meant, and luckily I had a quick answer. I made up something like Wylie Training and Fitness. I guess I should actually say that I'm learning that sometimes parents have to lie
- "My mom asked me why you make me wear shorts under my dresses. She said, 'Are you gonna wear shorts under your dresses when you grow up?'"
- "What if you got a baby instead of me?"
- "Mr. Brian's had 30 more years experience to practice playing this game. That's why he won."

Drawing and keeping herself busy while I was doing the newborn photo shoot. 

The father at the house we were at was an artist and he was so good with LL! He was teaching her how to use charcoal and blending tools and all kinds of things! 

Dessert and back to school shopping with my sweet Mother-in-Law! 

Playing with Cassy at Matt and Jan's house. 

How we do movie night...push the couch and coffee table in front of the TV, drinks and snacks, and QT hot dogs! 


About Us: 

We began our foster journey in mid-August 2013. We finished our classes in October, had our home study in early January, and we were licensed on February 7, 2014. After seven calls from CPS, we received our first placement, a 7-year-old girl (our Little Lady, or LL for short) on April 3, 2014. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our journey through the craziness that is foster care. Most importantly, thanks for your prayers, love, and support. We hope to encourage fellow foster/adoptive parents as we document our ups and downs each day. 

Key Posts:
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LL...if you just stumbled upon this blog and you're freaking out because you see pictures of yourself, please START HERE.

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